I was reading an article the other day about the stages of readiness. And a lightbulb went off. Maybe the reason so many of us are struggling to get motivated or to maintain diet and exercise practices is because we dont first identify the stage we are beginning from.

The stages of readiness are

pre contemplation- Not yet considering change, is unwilling or unable to change

Contemplation- sees the possibility of change but is uncertain and ambivalent

preparation- taking steps toward change but hasn’t stabilized in the process

action- taking positive steps to make change and putting plans into practice

maintenance- maintain continued activity and prevent relapse.

Think back to the times you have tried to implement changes to your health.

Were you really ready? REALLY READY????

If the answer is no then forgive yourself,  realize that you may have not been ready then. Maybe you are now. If you are feeling ready now then try a few reasonable changes.

Ask yourself if perhaps you were trying too much too soon. Could that contribute to why things didn’t go as planned.

What if you started where your feet are with attainable smaller goals would the outcome be different?

The other day a saw a picture of 2 ladders, one with the rungs really close together and the other with the rungs very far apart, It got me thinking, If you can barely reach the first rung how likely are you to reach the top of the ladder.

Building up any level of success can serve as a great motivator whereas failure leaves us feeling like…a failure an how likely are we to proceed when we feel like a failure…HIGHLY unlikely.

Which is why I introduce the concept of identifying our own stage of readiness for ourselves and then starting with small steps from there. I get it, it’s not sexy. We aren’t talking about light speed weight loss but we are talking about being realistic and breaking up with a very unhealthy cycle of putting ourselves in impossible situations with unrealistic expectations.

Most of us have a lifelong toxic relationship with body image, weight-loss. The relationship will only end if we end it. If we were in an abusive romantic relationship most of us would choose to eventually end it. Why then are we hanging onto the most abusive relationship of all????( more on this in my next blog)