Project Description


Not really interested in eating right, sugar junkie, Not really into fitness. She joined my group because a bunch of her friends were doing it.


Lacked discipline and follow through


2% body fat
1.5 inches in the waist

Jessica’s Note: Here’s what’s key for my girl Jill. The woman has discovered how key it is to make yourself a priority in your own life. If you look at Jill she is tiny (although shredded) If the average person saw her they may not think she needed to workout the way she does. But, she has discovered the benefits it has on the rest of her life. Her energy is increased, her stress reduced and she no longer feels invisible. Jill is a power of example and a role model to everyone around her.

I began working with Jess in September 2014 at 35 years old. I began because the program was brought to my school. As a teacher I find little time for myself, so this seemed perfect. I’ve never tried to lose weight, but after 2 kids I found it harder to stay fit. I joined thinking that was all I would do, get fit. I wasn’t too serious at first, but over time I realized working with Jess was about finding myself. We all have barriers; things that hold us back. Jess has helped me realize that exercise is about taking care of your body, mind and soul. I’ve changed my diet as well as my family’s diet. I love that each lady in this group has their own story and strength. Jess can push us when we need to be pushed and support us where we need it most.  We support one another through exercise, nutrition advice and just being together.  I have grown as a person with Jess, physically and mentally.