Project Description


Cardio Junkie and nutritional issues (not enough food), poor self image, weight stuck for years


Bad history with nothing really working to change her appearance. She came in figuring she would give it a shot but wasn’t sure that it would work for her.



  • 9% body fat
  • 27 pounds
  • 6 inches in hips
  • 4 inches in chest
  • 6 inches in waist
  • 3 inches in thighs

Jessica’s Note: She now has gorgeous muscle definition, feels completely confident and self assured, has maintained her loss for a year and a half so far. Incredible strength gains (best planker in class). Eleonora uses this as her therapy first and foremost, appearance changing has happened as a result of getting stronger all around. The reason this worked for her is because (I SWEAR people get this backwards) if you focus on exercising to get stronger rather than smaller and you eat to feel better not to get skinnier, you will in fact get stronger and feel healthier. AND THEN the results will follow.





Approximately a year and a half ago I began my journey with Jessika and it has changed my entire life. I was attending a meeting at one of our schools and by chance happened upon a group of fellow teachers working out in the gym. The person leading them was Jessika Ramie, whom I knew because I had taught her daughter. As the mother of four, I had been on a roller coaster of diets over the years losing, and then gaining it back. I was still under the conception that losing weight would change everything. What happened next would change me forever. The more I worked with Jessika the stronger I became, mentally. I began believing in my ability and my strength. Losing weight became secondary to the confidence that I was developing. Jessika isn’t just my exercise coach but my life coach. She begins each day with positive affirmations and check-ins about my day. I never imagined I would be running half marathons and finishing Spartan races two years ago! But here I am, doing things I did not ever imagine possible.  Jessika has made me mentally strong, confident, and as an added bonus, she has transformed my body:)