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How ready are you?

I was reading an article the other day about the stages of readiness. And a lightbulb went off. Maybe the reason so many of us are struggling to get motivated or to maintain diet and exercise practices is because we dont first identify the stage we are beginning from. The stages of readiness are pre [...]

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Brag a Bit…. Don’t be shy

As we reflect back on 2020 we need to give ourselves credit for all that we did right. 2020 was filled with obstacles and challenges so before you look back at what you didn't do please look back at what you did accomplish. Us women don't celebrate ourselves or our accomplishments nearly enough. Stop right [...]

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The panic stricken emotional food hangover

Okay so maybe this morning you woke up bloated and a bit hungover from lasagna and cookies and you are disgusted. And now the panic sets in...   PUH-LEASE LET THAT SHIT GO PAY ATTENTION!!!!!! How to you get rid of all of those extra holiday calories? lotsa cardio? A new diet???? NOOOOOOO [...]

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Cheryl’s Fitness Journey

This is what my client Cheryl has to say about working with me and her fitness journey:  “ I began working with Jessica in the beginning of January 2020.  Up until recently, I’ve always managed my weight and exercise.  However once menopause hit, what used to work for me no longer worked. I was confused, I [...]

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Optimizing Your Diet

Nutrition can be overwhelming. We believe everything we hear. Since everything we have tried up until now hasn’t worked we are desperate to find the missing link. So when we are ready we begin obsessively talking to people or pinterest-ing ideas or watching Dr. Oz (he knows everything), inevitably we end up overwhelmed and confused. [...]

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You Can’t Shop For The Body You Want

This post may seem redundant and I'm sure many of you have heard this before I it bears repeating. My friends, I see you "shopping"for the body that you want. You listen to your friends, you think if you do what your favorite celebrity does you will look just like them. You follow a fitness [...]

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