Why does anyone care what I eat in a day?

I have been competing in the sport of bodybuilding for the past 6 years. In that time I have uncovered some incredibly valuable skills and habits. I know how to keep everything simple and manageable so that things are easy. When I began competing I watched what everyone else did and let all of that [...]

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Brag a Bit…. Don’t be shy

As we reflect back on 2020 we need to give ourselves credit for all that we did right. 2020 was filled with obstacles and challenges so before you look back at what you didn't do please look back at what you did accomplish. Us women don't celebrate ourselves or our accomplishments nearly enough. Stop right [...]

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Faye’s Foul Mouth

I’ve always been into group fitness, doing mostly cardio,& running. Weights of course once and a blue moon, but never anything crazy. I wanted to do this challenge to finally see if lifting weights really makes a difference. And I was looking to lean out. I can be pretty determined when I put my mind [...]

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Leg & Ab Workout

Here is a great, leg-day routine. Perfect for when you have limited time but you want a killer workout. I threw a few abs in just for fun.  Complete the following for 30 minutes with 1-minute rest in between rounds: 10 Weighted Squats 10 Step-ups each leg, with weights 10 Stiff-legged dead lifts, with weights 10 [...]

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At-Home Workout

Here is a  workout to help keep your head in the game and remove your excuses. We want to find solutions, not excuses. There is no reason to miss a workout. With enough education and information you should be able to create a workout anywhere, with anything. Remember exercise is therapy, it helps with stress [...]

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The Biggest Fitness Myth

There are so many theories out there about what is the right way to get in shape and everyone swears that what they are doing is the right thing to do. I am all for trying out different methods for getting fit. I mean, as long as you are trying to get fit you are [...]

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Five Reasons To Try HIIT Training

As I have said before I try to focus solely on myself when I am training at the gym. Sometimes though I can’t help but notice countless bored souls spending hour after hour on the Elliptical machine, treadmill or annoying stationary bikes. I think I understand why, the fitness industry has us brainwashed to think [...]

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