What is health actually?

What comes to mind when we think of health? My mentor, Gabrielle Fundaro, recently posed a question/discussion "The World Health Organization defines health as, "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." In that anyone really healthy? It isn't enough to not be ill, [...]

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The panic stricken emotional food hangover

Okay so maybe this morning you woke up bloated and a bit hungover from lasagna and cookies and you are disgusted. And now the panic sets in...   PUH-LEASE LET THAT SHIT GO PAY ATTENTION!!!!!! How to you get rid of all of those extra holiday calories? lotsa cardio? A new diet???? NOOOOOOO [...]

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5 Tricks to Prevent Holiday/Stress Eating

Lets start by admitting we are all human, we all have the IDGAF moments. When it happens we quickly need to throw it in the rearview mirror lest we create an landslide of shame based binge eating, you know, where you wake up out of a cookie coma covered in crumbs and you have no idea how you [...]

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Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

REALITY CHECK....DRINK COFFEE BEFORE READING I was reading a book yesterday that suggested that a preoccupation with dietary restraint and body weight is not synonymous with dieting and a light bulb went off in my head. This is why so many of us get frustrated. We truly believe that we are dieting and getting nowhere [...]

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Farro Tabouli Salad

Ingredients 2 C. cooked Farro 4 diced Roma tomatoes                                                                       5 T. chopped mint leaves ¼ c. chopped dill 2 cloves minced garlic 1 medium diced onion 2 T. Extra virgin olive oil 1 lemon juiced Salt and pepper to taste Directions Cook farro according to package directions and cool to room temperature. Combine in mixing [...]

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Do I Really Need To Log My Food?

I am constantly researching what works: different diets...nutrition concepts...behavior change models and there is ONE common concept shared by ALL professionals that I admire and ALL success stories....YOU MUST WEIGH, MEASURE AND LOG YOUR FOOD! Some rules to live by: Don't guess how many calories Don't eyeball Use the green checked options in MFP whenever [...]

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Why You Should Care About Macronutrients.

What exactly is a Macronutrient? Macronutrients are essential nutrients that our bodies require in large amounts for optimal functioning; proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Our bodies require different amounts based on our goals but essentially carbohydrates are our body's main energy source so about 40-60% of our daily caloric intake should come from this group. Proteins [...]

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