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All humans are entitled to find their own path to health

I love the concept of autonomy, our ability to govern ourselves. It is a beautiful space to dance in, my right to be me. I never dug in on it as much as I have this past year. Many of the lines and roles that defined us had disappeared and it seemed the perfect space [...]

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The panic stricken emotional food hangover

Okay so maybe this morning you woke up bloated and a bit hungover from lasagna and cookies and you are disgusted. And now the panic sets in...   PUH-LEASE LET THAT SHIT GO PAY ATTENTION!!!!!! How to you get rid of all of those extra holiday calories? lotsa cardio? A new diet???? NOOOOOOO [...]

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Cheryl’s Fitness Journey

This is what my client Cheryl has to say about working with me and her fitness journey:  “ I began working with Jessica in the beginning of January 2020.  Up until recently, I’ve always managed my weight and exercise.  However once menopause hit, what used to work for me no longer worked. I was confused, I [...]

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Talking To Kids About The Coronavirus

These are trying times for all of us. Below is a post regarding anxiety in children, both in general and more specifically with regard to COVID-19. Don’t be afraid to discuss the coronavirus. Most children will have already heard about the virus or seen people wearing face masks, so parents shouldn’t avoid talking about it. Not [...]

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Online Personal Training Success Story

DANIELLE HAS BEEN WITH ME FOR 8 MONTHS. We have reworked her nutrition and eating habits and implemented a periodized/progressive strength training plan. She has lost a total of 40.5 pounds thus far... Can I tell you something??? DANIELLE AND I HAVE NEVER MET. We work together remotely 100% online WHAT IS ONLINE TRAINING??? Online [...]

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Planning for Success

A client of mine was having health issues. She was losing a ton of weight and nobody knew why, they feared the worst as most of us would. The kids wouldn’t eat, her husband was annoyed because she was not cooking what he wanted for his diet dinnertime was a warzone. Sound familiar? I sat [...]

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