My technicolor dream coat of emotions

Full transparency, today I feel like  a pile stirfried dog shit. I started the day with a great workout,  I did all the things, I was crossing stuff off my to do list like a ninja. Regardless, somewhere during the day I started to feel really raw. I still had quite a few client calls [...]

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How ready are you?

I was reading an article the other day about the stages of readiness. And a lightbulb went off. Maybe the reason so many of us are struggling to get motivated or to maintain diet and exercise practices is because we dont first identify the stage we are beginning from. The stages of readiness are pre [...]

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Talking To Kids About The Coronavirus

These are trying times for all of us. Below is a post regarding anxiety in children, both in general and more specifically with regard to COVID-19. Don’t be afraid to discuss the coronavirus. Most children will have already heard about the virus or seen people wearing face masks, so parents shouldn’t avoid talking about it. Not [...]

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