It’s so incredibly confusing out there. Eat this pill to get smaller, drink this shake to get bigger, try this trap, buy this program, use this video….who do we listen to when we want to loose weight, get in shape, get healthy?

In most cases we catch wind of the latest trend or program and we give it a try, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. In almost all cases of fad programs and fad dieting we gain our weight back and move on to the next thing our friend tells us about and the cycle begins all over again except this time we start to feel ashamed each time we think we failed. Why cant this work for us? Why don’t we look like the happy people taking selfies all over instagram? What’s wrong with us? Why can’t we be happy like the people on that box? The fitness industry is a billion dollar industry and they want our money. If we learn to be fit and healthy and maintain it then we wont need their product anymore and what would happen to their companies then? They want us to loose weight rapidly at caloric intakes, which are not sustainable, and they don’t educate us past explaining why we need their products. We automatically trust the products because they get people we know in our social circles to sell them to us. How could they be bad if all the other PTO moms are using it? It must work?

We are approaching this whole process backwards.. the cart is miles ahead of the horse. Most importantly ask yourself what you want, Why are you doing this? If the answer is to loose weight you are probably setting yourself up for failure. The idea of taking away or loosing is negative from the start…lets adjust our approach here.
First lets strip away the physical components, what we are really searching for is to be comfortable in our own skin, to like the person we see in the mirror. We have to move to FEEL god and eat to FEEL good. The looks happen on their own once we begin to shift our focus.
Movement is the most effective way we have to release stress and work through our emotions. I have never had someone tell me they felt worse after a workout. Now that being said, I have had people get very emotional while working out and that’s okay. We are challenging our limits and in most cases doing this we are totally uncomfortable doing. We judge ourselves and we think everyone is too. The more we do this we strip away our excuses we build up a reference of things we have accomplished already so that we can no longer say “I cant”, our “I cants” all become “I cans”. Eventually we enjoy the exercise and the relief we feel. The stronger we become the better we feel. We walk with confidence. We change the way we look at ourselves and adjust the way we allow ourselves to be treated. Chase the strength. Go for strong not skinny. Skinny is boring. Become fit. It’s the difference between shrinking and emerging. Personally I would rather emerge.


We need to arm ourselves with knowledge so that we know what’s real and what isn’t. All too often the general public assumes that fitness professionals know more than we do, they don’t. These are our bodies and we need to learn what works for us and why. One size does not fit all.
If you do nothing else at all start learning. If reading a book on the topic overwhelms you then pick a word or a term that you are curios about and start learning about that. Make this your hobby, it is not a punishment it’s a process. The more you learn the stronger you will become. Take control of your life.