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I have spent my entire life – since I was a teenager – fighting with weight, body image, and self-esteem. I have “controlled” it in various ways. Dieting never worked, I always regained the weight. My self-image was very poor. No matter if I was thin or “fat”, my self-image was not great.

Facing my alcoholism and drug addiction forced me to look at myself in a deeper way than just surface. The 12 steps help me deal with the bad feelings. I have a great life today and realize it’s an inside job. However even living in recovery I can slip back into old patterns.

A couple of years ago I found the “magic pill” HCG. I lost a great amount of weight in a very unhealthy way. As it was said to me, I was skinny fat. AS a 50-something mother of a an 11-year old, I decided I needed to get healthy. When I joined FYTE, I began to really learn the way to have a balanced and healthy life style.

These past 8 weeks have really taught me more than I have learned in a lifetime. As a 58-year-old woman I had some doubts that I would be able to do this. But I trusted Jessika so I took a leap of faith.

Having the wiliness and a positive attitude has been key for me. I have learned that with the correct supervision what I thought was a huge undertaking was totally doable and most of all enjoyable. How I look is secondary to how I feel. Accomplished is an understatement. Yes, I have lost 8 pounds and inches, but most importantly I am developing healthy eating habits and learning new things every day in the gym. This is not the end of the challenge but the beginning of the rest of my life. I have proven that age is just a number. As Jess always says and I love is “trust the process”. Most of all trust the trainer. She knows her shit.