Prior to this  challenge I pretty much adhered to my daily calorie allotment and exercised on a consistent basis. I quickly realized when I switched over to eating by carb/fat/macro it didn’t match up and many of the foods I ate were not nutrient dense. I have learned how to eat more nutritiously and although not perfect, I do see the changes in my body but most importantly I feel better physically.

I wanted to join the challenge because I will be hitting a milestone in my life this year and I want to be strong and fit. I wanted to learn how to use the gym equipment confidently and I knew it was not going to be easy. I knew I was making a commitment not only to myself but to Jessika and I wasn’t going to let either one of us down.

One word that I think describes me is determined. When I put my mind to something I do it. I learned that anything is possible. I no longer “Try” I DO and if something is difficult for me I find an alternative that works for me.

Participating in this challenge has taught me that in order to succeed you have to follow through.

My advice to anyone who has self-doubt about doing something like this I would say, if you truly have the desire to do something new and to make the necessary changes to make it happen this is a great way to start. Just start- you’ll be surprised as to what you can do!

 My results are not just a number on the scale. I have lost inches in my chest and waist and I am gaining muscle tone.  I’m have better balance and strength. The bonus is what I’ve learned about the correct tools I need to obtain results.

Favorite quote: Never settle for just okay when you can push further.

 Initially I thought my biggest obstacle would be my insecurity in the gym. Having the FYTE app shows you how to do every exercise correctly and being able to substitute a modification if needed is a great tool. The comradery of the other woman in the challenge group and even those who frequent the gym is amazing. Everyone helps each other out and we work out together.

I now have the confidence to fly solo if I need to. When I think of what I’ve achieved and how far I’ve pushed myself it gives me a feeling of satisfaction. It inspires me for more. I cannot settle for okay when I know I can aim higher. I really do love going to the gym! I never thought I’d feel this way.

I am so grateful and thankful for this challenge. Jessika’s passion and love for what she does is so evident in every aspect of her business and life and it carries over to everyone that meets her.