I think I am a typical woman. I would describe myself as a happy, friendly, positive, outgoing, sarcastic person. I LIKE attention as long as I have brought it on myself.

I do not have a “perfect” body and my weight has bounced up and down. I hit my highest weight in my 20s at 173. Using Weight Watchers I dropped 50+ ponds and got down to 120 lbs. Then life set in, families started and my weight suffered from the poor choices I was making. For the past 5 years or so I have bounced up and down in weight and have not been thrilled with how my body looks. That is why I decided to do the FYTE challenge.

Through this challenge I have learned I am capable and I cannot blame my age, which is what I was doing. I was hitting the gym, doing nautilus and cardio and nothing was really changing. I learned every decision I make can have positive OR negative consequences. The more good decisions I make the more POSITIVE results I will see. I have also learned that health and fitness are a balancing act. I needed to jolt my body from my old routine.

I also needed to make sure I balanced my time at the gym with GOOD food decisions. THAT was not being done. I have learned that health and fitness do not have to be “balls to the wall’. I was able to celebrate my birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s day. I enjoyed myself. I have cupcakes, good food and even beer. But, that was all balanced out with good decisions made before AND after those celebrations to keep myself on track.

My biggest take away from this would definitely be the balance I just spoke of. I have a good job, and great family and I am HAPPY. I just wanted to feel a little better about myself and my body. That was for me! I know that if I continue to make those good choices on a regular basis I can maintain my fitness goals, stay healthy and continue to enjoy the life I have, that I am extremely grateful for.

My favorite quote is “A covenant is a pact you make with yourself, it runs deep. Fear can’t win over a covenant; covenant is more than a wish. It’s in every cell of your body.” I think the reason this quote speaks to me is because this entire challenge was for me, about me and done BY ME. I wanted to make a change and I made the decisions and choices to make that happen. I made a covenant with MYSELF and I kept it!

If I was to share any advice with someone scared to make this commitment, I would say “You got this!” It is inside all of us, some of us let IT sleep longer than others but if you are wanting a change it is all in you! With Jessika’s guidance, the FYTE challenge workouts, and the support of the other “workout buddies” you will come to rely on – you will know you are capable.