I started swimming competitively at age 7. I swam 2 hours a day 6 days a week at a minimum until I was 17. I swam 4 hours a day in the summer. That being said, I never learned to eat like a normal person. I could eat all day and it didn’t matter. My mom was the queen of processed food, if it was frozen or came in a can we ate it.
I went to college and gave up swimming and took up eating college food. I was 148 lbs when  I graduated 🤦🏻‍♀️ hard to believe now. I ran in college but not enough to keep up with the beer and chicken wings. After college I started running again and eating a little better. In my twenties I ran on and off and ate well. I had my first son at 30 and decided it was time to change my diet.

I read a book by Walter Willet that suggested switching all white food to brown. I did that and the weight came off. I walked daily with the stroller. I was under 130 for the first time since high school. I had another son at 32 and continued on the path, walking daily with double jogger and eating well. At 34, I started running four times a week and started a anti-yeast diet because I had struggled with candida- I dropped to 114 and it was crazy. I looked skinny and sick. The weight crept on as I started eating grains again. I continued running and added body pump – I was super fit and looked great when I got pregnant with Charlie at 37.

I ran a triathlon pregnant and did well. After the birth of Charlie I got very sick with Lyme – sadly it took months for them to figure this out and my heath deteriorated. I kept running and even did a triathlon when Charlie was just 4 months old. I have run continuously ever since even with sickness but I had given up on the weights.

Deciding to do the 8 Week Challenge
I wanted to do the challenge to find my strength again. I missed how I felt when I did body pump. I missed what I looked like. I wanted to look and feel strong again. I needed the guidance to do the weights, I didn’t have enough knowledge of them to begin on my own.

I consider myself to be competitive. With this challenge I have learned to have confidence  in taking time for myself. I always took time to run, but this challenge has made me take more time and not feel guilty about it.

Tracking my meals  was eye opening. In some cases I wasn’t eating enough for my activity level. And sometimes I was eating too much of a good thing, this has taught me to be more mindful about planning my day. As for the fitness, I have learned to have confidence in the gym with weights. I am excited that I know how to use more equipment. I am amazed at how the weights have quickly transformed me physically.

I want to share my experience with others. I want to pass what I have learned onto my sons. I want to teach them to use them weights and be strong.

I would tell anyone considering this challenge that it’s worth the time- the emotional results are astounding. I feel so much stronger mentally and physically. I can’t say enough about how positive this experience has been. Building friendships with strong women and encouraging one another has been one of the best parts.

Physical Results: 
I have lost over 6% body Fat
7 inches from chest, hips and waist
6 pounds

Favorite Quote:
“Life’s too short” – My uncle always said it- it is true