I always seem to find stuff that I want when I am supposed to be looking for everyone else. Here are some things that I have either found and added to my mental list of must haves. I think fitness gadgets and toys can be fun, This is our hobby after all. One thing I found very helpful when training for competition. I would set my self goals each week (several of them) and if I met them I would reward myself with a fitness related gift rather than food. It could be clothing, sneakers, earphones, lunch boxes, whatever. Here are a few of the items I either love and own or desperately want….So these are a few things that I have researched or used and recommend:

Your workout will be much better if you listen to gangster rap…These are the headphones I use…I paid $40 on amazon but the price seems to have gone up…look around though…bluetooth headphones are a must……

Apps are great but I still prefer writing things down……Check out Fitbooks

Drooling over these bad boys…..Nikes are still my fave shoe…In my opinion they are the most versatile….WANT A TIP???? Shoes that are used for constant training should be replaced every 3 months, write the date you start using your sneakers on the inside of the tongue so you know when to replace them

Oh come on….How could you not??? Talk about cool!

Its very easy to rationalize treating yourself to a set of these spices. Plus they will help you look forward to eating even the blandest of foods.

I have been drooling over this sports watch forever…I need something that can track my heart rate while training, this is perfect and incredibly accurate.