Why did I join/start?

I’ve always had a good balance in my life with work, fitness, spirituality, and home. I accepted a big promotion over two years ago and in order to transition to my new role I started ignoring my personal fitness. My desire to run and do anything active on a consistent basis went away, especially since I travel almost every week. I always told myself, you can’t be great at everything, something in your life will suffer. This year I made a personal pledge to step up and be more committed to being physically fit. I watched and listened to two friends (Stephanie and Maureen) who started their 8 week journey for different reasons and I could see not only their physical, but emotional transformation. Their excitement was contagious and knew that this was something I must try. So my journey began…

What have you have learned?

Throughout the eight weeks, I learned a level of new acceptance. For me, this is about not focusing on the scale (which who isn’t obsessed with the scale) and really trusting and listening to my body. I love watching my body morph into a tighter, leaner me. I really had to trust and accept it is isn’t about how much you weigh, but rather how you feel when you put on a pair of jeans, blouse, or bathing suit. The weekly photos (which I absolutely dreaded) is the story. Looking at the weekly, then monthly differences is the motivation for me. In addition to feeling more confident and stronger physically and emotionally, having a group to support and lean on is equally important and gratifying. WE are all in this together.

What have you struggled or excelled with?

I will start with what I excelled in: I like structure and this program allows me to follow an exercise routine for every day of the week, whether I am home or away. Having the App really kept me accountable on a daily basis.

Struggles – I am not perfect; I started in complete compliance of recording meals every day. Towards the end I became lazier but still cognizant of what I was eating. This will be a major area of improvement for me in the next session. I think I could do a lot better with eating more protein to hit my macros. I also had three vacations during this challenge which was quite hard, not necessarily from an exercise aspect but from eating/drinking point of view. I did give myself some props for either maintaining or losing a pound and decreasing my overall inches while I was away.

Advise for Others:

  • Take the challenge day by day, week by week. No one is perfect and you may slip off your routine every so often. If you do, have a Hard Reset and get back into the game.
  • As much as some may abhor taking the photos, these are crucial for your transformation and journey to a new lifestyle.
  • Talk with others who are going through the challenge, they will motivate, listen, and sometimes coach you when you plateau or have too much on your plate.

Thanks, Jessica – I truly have enjoyed the challenge and look forward to the next 8 weeks.