MOTIVATION where do I start? Are you motivated? What motivates you? On this one I think we need to dig deep. Personally I am not a huge fan of cutting out pictures of people I want to look like and putting them on the fridge, that feels boring to me. Who knows if that person in the picture even likes who they are. I do enjoy reading about people who inspire me and figure out what drives them.

Shouldn’t motives be individual though? I mean everyone’s story is different. Our own stories should drive us forward (unless of course we choose to let them hold us back, but then that’s our choice).
When I start working with people I ask them to write their happiest, angriest or most painful memory. It’s important to really get in touch with who we are and move forward from there. This is personal, it has to be. This is about more than  big biceps or a small waistline. this is about becoming.


Want to know what drives me? I have had a rough road (like many of us)and I am always trying to put as much distance between the past that was laid out before me and the present that I create. I bring all of my current anger or sadness to my workouts so that it doesn’t sit inside me, that shit can kill you. Exactly this is what makes me tick. I want to inspire people. I love knowing that I have the ability to overcome my obstacles and I want to bring everyone along on this ride. So here’s a list of some things I use as motivation…
#1 Motivation currently is that I lost my dad to cancer last year and every thing I do is to make him proud. He is who introduced me to fitness to help fight depression and he used to get a kick out of how extreme and intense I can be. When I feel like I can’t train anymore I ask him to train with me and I always finish.


-I fight against everyone who has ever put me down or tried to hold me back
-I fight against my depression (exercise is key here)
-I am always thirsty to be stronger, I love the feeling of proving to myself that I can do something that I thought I couldn’t.
-I always tell myself “someone is watching you, someone thinks they cant show them they can”
– Got to be honest here, depending on my mood sometimes I do it for the haters, then I say ” someone is watching you, someone thinks you cant, prove them wrong”
Here are some of the things that run through my head when I train…..
YOU ARE BIGGER THAN THIS, YOUR BETTER THAN THIS (a line from one of my favorite songs)…….(side note music makes a huge difference and our tastes are all individual….I personally love music and I use different kinds for each type of training I am doing…I Love Love Love to lift and when I do I love listening to Rob Bailey and the hustle standard…lyrics are totally motivating)
But those are my motivations. You have to find yours. Start exploring. I am telling you there is so much good stuff before you if you really get into this process. The strength you will find you have is unbelievable…watch and see…. Test your limits, you will find that they aren’t even really there.