For those of us that feel stuck in a rut. Here are 10 simple changes that you can implement to your current routine without blowing money on crap you don’t need that won’t really work. I am going to make this really simple and easy to read. (Inbox me if you have questions)

10 effective ways to loose inches and reduce abdominal bloat (In no particular order):

1. Drink one gallon of water daily.

2. Take a good high potency pro-biotic daily.

3, Exercise 5-6 times weekly. Vary your workouts, some strength, some HIIT steady state. You want to elevate your heart rate so if you are in the gym reduce rest times in strength workouts by super-setting with body weight exercises or plyometric exercises.

4. Take Braggs apple cider vinegar daily (preferably in the morning although, I never remember to do it in the morning). It can be done several ways, make a tea out of it or take a straight shot. Here is a link about it’s benefits.

5. Remove sugar (including fruit), Remove Dairy and remove gluten (that doesn’t mean buy anything that is labeled gluten free either)

6. Eat every 3 hours about 200-300 calories. Be sure that you have protein in each meal. I eat vegetables at every meal, Think of them as a Roto-Rooter for your intestines. I don’t avoid carbs at all, I avoid simple carbs(the white gluten stuff). I eat complex carbs (quinoa, sweet potato, brown rice, beans, and bean pastas) 3x daily…not at night though…my last two meals don’t have carbs..well let me be honest sometimes they do but we all fall off the wagon sometimes right????

7. Eat the proper amount of calories. If you create too large of a calorie deficit you will create metabolic damage. Many programs cut calories way too low and while that may help you to drop pounds in the short term, it is damaging long term. We are all different so our caloric intake needs to be individualized. Learn what is the proper caloric intake for you. If you don’t know ask me, I will help you.

8. Be accountable to yourself. Record what you are eating and drinking either in a book or using a calorie tracking app and share it with someone you trust.

9. (9.25, 9.50, 9.75…There are really 4 tips in here).
Remove processed foods from your diet. Read labels and try to purchase foods with minimal ingredients or ingredients you recognize. Eat whole foods. Don’t eat out. We cannot account for the proper portion sizes or grams of fat in food when we eat out. Even if you order egg whites at a diner they are usually cooked on the same flat top as the home fries and bacon. Why do you think breakfast tastes so much better at a diner???

10. Set small attainable goals eat day. A goal should be measurable, have an end point and be within your control. You are only in control of your actions. You are not in control of how your body reacts to the changes.