Kettlebell HIIT Workout

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are popular because not only do they burn a high number of calories in a short period of time, but they continue to burn calories even after the workout is complete. After a short warm-up, perform 5 rounds of the following exercises to gain muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. [...]

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Fitness Tips: Getting Started

Rather than come at you with a ton of restrictions I think we will start with small steps. We need to crawl before we walk. With that being said, let's start by establishing some healthy nutritional guidelines: Food Choices- avoid processed foods meet basic macronutrient needs (protein) avoid sugary drinks avoid/limit alcohol Eating Behaviors- recognize [...]

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5 Essential Habits for Weight Loss Success

Motivation, discipline and inspiration….For some reason we believe that these are the ingredients that are essential to weight loss. Frequently clients tell me that they are struggling with being motivated. Consequently, when its lacking progress is halted. Motivation is just a feeling, don’t get me wrong, it’s helpful - but not essential. What is essential [...]

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5 Tricks to Prevent Holiday/Stress Eating

Lets start by admitting we are all human, we all have the IDGAF moments. When it happens we quickly need to throw it in the rearview mirror lest we create an landslide of shame based binge eating, you know, where you wake up out of a cookie coma covered in crumbs and you have no idea how you [...]

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5 Phases for Ultimate Fitness & Nutrition

Everything is a process, there are gradual steps. First we roll over, then we crawl, then we walk and then we run First we stick our feet in a pool, then we stand in the water, then we stick our face in and then we swim. First we start preschool, then kindergarten, then elementary school, [...]

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Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

REALITY CHECK....DRINK COFFEE BEFORE READING I was reading a book yesterday that suggested that a preoccupation with dietary restraint and body weight is not synonymous with dieting and a light bulb went off in my head. This is why so many of us get frustrated. We truly believe that we are dieting and getting nowhere [...]

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Everyone is Perfect on Social Media

I teach group fitness classes for  women only. We all have quite a bit in common and some interesting conversations happen following some of my classes, specifically my morning classes. This past Tuesday and interesting discussion happened that got me thinking. If we look to images on Facebook and Instagram for validation we are fucked. A [...]

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